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MSNProtocol Analyzer(MSNPAnalyzer) is a network utility that can monitor (or capture, monitor) the sessions of MSN Protocol. If you use this program in conbination with SwitchSniffer program, you can capture and see all the MSNP sessions including conversations and MSN commands. >>>Benefits and Features: -. MSNPAnalyzer can monitor 2 NICs or more at once. -. MSNPAnalyzer can show MSN commands and the procedures of connection. -. MSNPAnalyzer enables you to see all the conversions on the network. -. If MSNPAnalyzer is used in conbination with SwitchSniffer program, You can capture all see all the MSN protocols and conversations. -. It is very easy to make MSNPAnalyzer to work. Just run MSNPAnalyzer on any computer on your network, and start to monitor. -. MSNPAnalyzer parses, decodes, analyzing MSN protocol in real-time. -. MSNPAnalyzer enables you to viewing the contents, commands and sessions of MSN protocol on-the-fly. >>> Who use it? [Developers] ? want to see the MSN protocol including MSN commands to develope the products related to MSN. [Parents] ? Want to know what their children are most concerned? [Company Managers] ? Supervise your employees' chating at work, and conversation for reference later. 2. Getting Started 1) Install this program (MSN Protocol Analyzer). 2) Select Start->Programs->MSN Protocol Analyzer->MSN Protocol Analyzer 3) Just click "Start" button. 4) Looking at the main screen of MSNPAnalyzer.

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